Blog 12-04-22

When, quite my chance, I came across an advert for computer memory, on the Met Office weather site of all places, I thought I’d have a look and see what was available for my 12-year-old HP computer. I was quite amazed to see I could double my present 8 Gb of memory for only £50.00. So I thought, why not.

The memory duly arrived and I set about installing the two modules. However, what should have been a ten-minute job was not to be. Everything went pear-shaped in rapid order. I removed the side cover from the case, air-dusted all the accumulated dust and fluff from inside the PC and installed the two memory modules in the two free slots. Okay so far.

However, when I switched on the PC it started to boot up, began loading Windows then crashed. No amount of restarting, re-seating of the memory modules, removing the new memory modules, restores and a host of other things, all met with failure. So, after an hour of fruitless effort, I resorted to a full reinstall of Windows. Yes, a potentially big job but all our data is held on a secondary drive, so only Windows and a handful of software programs would need to be re-installed. It would benefit from a good clean build anyway.

After installing Windows, I thought I try the new memory modules again. If the PC failed again, I’ve only lost 30 minutes of time. Of course, they worked perfectly this time and I now have 16 Gb of memory. Hopefully, this will keep my aging computer running for a few more years. I’m currently running Windows 10 and this computer is not compatible with the latest version, Windows 11. However, Windows 10 will still be supported until 2025, so plenty of time remaining.

I don’t know why anyone would want to work with computers for a living? Oh, I forgot, I worked with computers for over 20 years. Should have stayed in the construction industry as a quantity surveyor. I knew what I was doing back then. Back soon.

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