Turf Blog 11-04-22

Turf zone – MusselLagoon

Back on the No 140 bus again today, along with my wife Cathryn, turf name ChoccyMuffin, as we head down to Musselburgh for a spot of turfing. The journey took less than 25 minutes and we were delighted to find the bus stop in Rothesay Place was next to zone LadyLoretto, our first zone of the morning. We decided on an anti-clockwise route around the now disused ash lagoons at Levenhall Links, then along to Fisherrow Harbour for a picnic lunch.

One zone, AshBends, looked like being an issue, at least initially when we came across the fencing. However, a well-worn path follows the fence and we were able to take the zone without any problem. The fencing is temporary, for public safety, while the two remaining ash lagoons are given a make-over which includes new grass areas, footpaths, new woodland areas and even shallow lagoons for the local bird life. I think there may also be some bird hides in the plan. I’ll be well pleased if they do include some bird hides. I just hope that built them vandal-proof like the existing concrete bird hides.

We were the only people turfing in the area today, which was surprising it being the Easter holidays, but we did a good job of sharing the takes ending up with 29 takes each, so we are still speaking to each other. All ChoccyMuffins zones were uniques which she was pleased with. Lunch was taken at Fisherrow Harbour, seated on a sheltered bench out of the chilly easterly wind. Back soon.

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