Blog 24-06-23

Almost a week has passed since my last confession, sorry, last blog regarding the Surly Ogre single speed and custom paint project and I’m pleased to announce that the paint phase is almost complete. All actual paint has been applied with only the clear gloss top coat to do tomorrow, weather permitting. Frame, forks, handlebars and both wheels are all ready. That should complete the paint part of the project. I would normally post the latest image but you’ll have to wait until the final big reveal. That should be next week but I’ll be leaving the freshly painted frame, etc, for a few days to fully cure and harden.

As alway, jobs like this are a learning curve and the more you do things you easier it becomes as you find your own satisfactory method of working. For example, the paint brand I’ve used is Spray.Bike, the fluro colour range, which has a powdery matt finish. The online blurb suggest you rub the fresh paint down with greaseproof paper to flatten the powdery effect. If did not find this very effective on the Harley Quinn, so decided not to bother this time. What I did was apply a good thick layer of paint and leave it to dry overnight, then rub it down dry with 600 wet ‘n’ dry sandpaper. The top coat will give it that glossy finish. Seems to work okay.

One of the reasons for this single speed project, other than the joy of riding another single speed bike, this one for off-road, was to lose some weight off the Surly Ogre. And I’m please to say that the projected final weight is now approx. 11.28 kg, only 680g less than the Harley Quinn. So, no frames bags, no handlebar bags, no racks, etc. I have compromised with a set of SKS mudguards, as with the Harley Quinn, as I like my comfort when cycling in the wet. I don’t see the point of getting a wet back and arse!

As far as the build goes, it will fairly accurately mirror that of the Harley Quinn, the main difference being the tyres, as set of Continental Terra Trail 700 x 40. Everything else is the same or at least very similar. Looking forward to taking this one turfing off-road locally!

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