Dalhousie Business Park

Dalhousie Business Park is located on the outskirts of Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, and one of the businesses operating from there is a waste recycling company and they are not the most tidy of operators and rubble overspill can be found all along the banks of a small stream running to the south of the business park. To anyone other than a brick spotter, an unsightly mess, but to a brick spotter who lives locally, heaven.

A walk along the course of the stream revealed a good selection of bricks and brickmarks including WINCHBURGH, two versions of PRESTON GRANGE, N.C.B ROSLIN, HAILES, NORTHERN, two variations on ARNISTON, MUIR ARMADALE, the usual NIDDRIE, ROSLIN, WALLYFORD, N.C.B P-GRANGE, ETNA, WHITEHILL and EDINBURGH. The whitish, lightly coloured, mis-shapen one is actually BANKPARK.

Most of the bricks below originate from Scottish brickworks, the exception is the NORTHERN brick, which comes from across the border in England, from the East Cramlington Brickworks, Cramlington, Northumberland.

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