Mud in your Eye

There is no doubt about it, kick scooters throw up sticky mud, dirty water, wet leaves, small trees and just about anything else you care to run across. This lovely concoction usually ends up on the rider, legs liberally sprayed with road or trail debris. I’ve even had some claggy mud slip down the back of my neck and out the bottom of the t-shirt. I decided that some mudguards were in order.

So, I popped online and ordered a set from Swifty Scooters, the ones specifically for the Swifty Air. It was an easy enough job to fit them and the rear fits just fine but the front one does not. No matter what I try there is always a kink in the mudguard itself. Either the stays are too short or the bolt hole is in the wrong place, or perhaps both. In addition, they do not fit very well with the Maxxis Hookworm tyres, yes they fit, but clearances are minimal. Fine for on-road use but useless off-road in winter conditions when they soon clog up with debris and even bring the scooter to a stop. They are now hanging on the wall in the Man Cave.

Searching online, I came across another brand of scooter, Yedoo, and they had some mudguards which looked like they might fit the Swifty. I suspected they wouldn’t but it was worth a try. And even if they didn’t, I might be able to cannibalize both sets to create something that works. And did they? Err, no, they did not. Again not enough clearance with the larger tyres. So, back to square one.

At the moment the Swifty Air is naked, without mudguards. However, I’ve not given up just yet. I think I’ll be able to concoct something for the rear, perhaps making some longer stays. While at the front, a mudguard mounted on the frame might just do the trick. More to follow soon.

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