Minor Issues

Both my Swifty Zero and Swifty Air scooters are really very good, not much I can fault with them, to be honest. However, over the course of time and as I experiment with different components, adding accessories and so on, small minor issues crop up and on this page I want to bring them all together in one place, adding more should they come to light.

Pumping Up Tyres
The problem I found was when using my track pump to inflate the tyres. Due to the small wheel size it was awkward to get the track pump head onto the valve stem. It can be done but is very tricky with the limited space. The solution was to purchase a pump with a flexible screw-on head.

Mudguards & Tyre Removal
With mudguards fitted it can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove the wheel with the mudguards attached. Solution, unscrew the side stays and re-attach later. Only applies to the rear wheel, the front is fine.

Steering Spacer Movement
After I attached the Klickfix Caddy Post Clamp to take my Rixen and Kaul Vario Rack (see Load Carrying) the rack kept rotating from side to side. The clamp was secure, it was the steering tube spacer that was swivelling. Solved by applying a thin layer of silicon sealant to the outer surface of the fork stem.

Overlong Brake Cable
The rear brake cable on the Swifty is, in my opinion, a bit on the long side. Yes, only a minor cosmetic issue but makes things look at bit untidy. Easily resolved by undoing the rear brake cable, pulling the inner wire part way back and shortening the outer casing. Then re-assembling, trimming the inner wire, adding an end cap and finally adjusting the brake.

Swifty Air Handlebar Height
After purchasing the Swifty Air I did not like the slightly lower handlebar height, when compared to my Swifty Zero. To raise the handlebars, I replaced the handlebar stem with one that gave be a little bit more height, about 40 mm or so. Minor issue solved.

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