In the Street section, I want to take a look at another of my favourite photography topics, that of street photography, sharing a few thoughts on the subject, as well as some of the techniques used and the equipment in my camera bag.


  • About Street– a brief introduction on the subject of street photography.
  • Minimalist Street – one camera, one prime lens, all you’ll ever need.


Future Articles

  • Beginners Guide – how to get started with street photography.
  • Camera Equipment – some useful hints and tips on suitable equipment.
  • Camera Lenses – thoughts on what camera lens to use for your photography.
  • Camera Positions – low or high, above or below, anything goes.
  • Camera Settings – what settings to use when working the street.
  • No Rules Street – why should you be burdened by following the rules?
  • Street Technique – the secret ways and means of candid street photography.

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