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Great news for turf medal collectors! The start of Round #160 sees the launch of a brand-new series of turf medals. They are called Roundpointer and are awarded based on the amount of points gathering during a round. There are eleven in the series starting at 10k, then 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 250k, 500k, 750k and 1M, yes that’s 1,000,000 points.

But wait, sharp eyed turfers who passed their arithmetic O-level with have noticed that’s only nine Roundpointer medals. Are there two missing? Well, yes indeed there are. The two other medals are for 2M and 3M. I’ll repeat that for you in big easy to read numbers. That’s 2,000,000 points and 3,000,000 points in a single round. Wow! Even double wow! I reckon there are a few turfers I know that will be aiming for those medals. No names mentioned. You will probably see them out all day and all night for the next 28 days.

Notes on the Turf site mention that the medals are not retroactively handed out. However, as an homage to outstanding efforts, users who have reached the 2M level will be awarded retroactively if they wish. I like this option is available but I think I’ll stick with trying to achieve each of the medals in turn, much more of a challenge that way and you also get the delight of another medal award popping up on the phone while out turfing. Not sure if each medal is awarded only once. i.e. if you get the Roundpointer-75k in one round you will not get it again in another. I suspect only the once will be the case.

I love the idea of these Roundpointer medals. They give you a single straight forward goal each round and you get rewarded for your efforts. Okay, it will get more challenging as you progress up the medal series but that’s what turf is all about. I’ve just logged onto Turfportalen to see that my highest ever round amount stands at just over 370,000 points. Interesting to see what I’ve achieved in the past. Better get out turfing then!

Roundpointer-10k – This medal is awarded when taking 10,000 points in a single round.

It’s now some time later, after dinner. A turf session in the afternoon around Eskbank and Dalkeith, followed by another session around Bonnyrigg in the evening, brings me to around 14,000 points and gets me off to a good start collecting the Roundpointer medals mentioned above, namely the Roundpointer-10k. This brings my medal collection to a pleasing 70 in total. Shame they are only virtual medals, real medals would make for an amazing display on the man cave wall.

Oddly, the medal alert popped up twice on the phone, though no medal graphic was showing, only the default grey question mark image. As there was a glitch in the Turf Matrix this afternoon, I guess it was something to do with that. But all showing correctly on the Turf website. And tomorrow, I’ll be looking to get another 13,000 points for the next medal in the series, the Roundpointer-25k. Back soon, though perhaps not, as I may be chasing that Roundpointer-3M medal!

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