Turf Blog 02-02-23

Turf Zone – ExitWhitehill

Morning all, yes, another new unofficial Planet Gary medal. It’s called 28 Minutes Before and takes its name as the sequel to the two renowned zombie apocalypse films, 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, both directed by Danny Boyle. This medal is more of a personal turf challenge than a defined un-official Planet Gary turfing medal but who cares. You need to be brave and daring to tackle this one.

Your task for the 28 Minutes Before medal is to take as many zones as you can within 28 minutes. Your time starting after the first take. But there’s a catch, each zone take only counts as long as there are no zombies within the zone area. A zombie can be anyone, man, woman or child. Even dogs can be zombies, so be careful out there. Good luck.

28 Minutes Before – take as many zones as you can within 28 minutes while avoiding zombies.

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