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Turf Zone – TheGoldenTurd

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, the Big E, Auld Reekie and home to pick-pockets, vagabonds, cut-purses, filchers, phone snatchers and other nameless dregs of society. Oh, and a few honest folks as well, just to balance the equation. So, what am I blethering about this time? Well, the safety and security of my mobile phone while turfing, that’s what. But don’t worry, nothing untoward happened.

Normally when turfing I don’t have any concerns about the loss of my mobile phone. When out on the bicycle it’s clamped and locked into the mobile phone handlebar mount and woe betide any brain-dead individual who tries to steal it. They’ll get a few broken fingers for their efforts, or a poke in the eye, or a size-9 in the unmentionables. When turfing locally, the mobile phone is carried in a side pocket of the rucksack or in my scooter bag as I hardly need to see the screen to know where the zones are. But turfing on foot in Edinburgh is a different matter.

Turf Zone – RobinAndTuck

No way will I carry the phone in a rucksack side pocket as it will likely vanish and carrying it by hand is tiresome and risks droppages. It’s too heavy for a trouser pocket though a coat pocket will do at a pinch, if you are wearing a coat that is. It was too hot today, so I wasn’t wearing a coat. So, I needed another means of carrying the phone safely while retaining quick and easy access. Found what I wanted in the North Face Y2K Shoulder Bag, a simple 3-litre bag with plenty of room for easy access to the phone and close to the chest for security. Mind you, makes me look like a tourist.

Now, the main reason for today’s trip into Edinburgh was for a nice batch of turfer uniques, all located in the city centre and easy to reach on foot. Started at the west end of Princess Street, then up to the Royal Mile and down to St James Quarter where I nipped into John Lewis for coffee and a scone. Takes included, Lauraloll, Newcomer, Cialar, cloisters and finally, BirgittaS. Back soon.

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