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Turf Zone – AncientBattle

I must say it’s good to resume normal turfing again. The Christmas and New Year period is done and gone. No more turf advent calendar to worry about, at least for another 12-months. No need to visit all the relatives, eat too much (albeit rather tasty) food and try-and-make-an-effort-to-be-sociable, chatty and jolly. It’s so much simpler just to ride my bike, take a few zones and forget about the rest of the world.

Having said that it’s not quite like that. You have all the silly buggers who get in your way. The car drivers that think they own the road and it’s only a cyclist so there plenty of room for them to squeeze past even when I have right of way. Then there’s the pedestrians on the shared cycleway. For example. I was approaching a young couple with a massive dire wolf on a piece of string. They were taking up the entire width of the path and I was approaching from their rear. The woman looked back and appeared to give me a long hard look.

Okay, I thought she’s obviously seen me. How could she not see me? I’m wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket and riding a bike-of-many-colours. She will let her partner know, move out of the way and let me past. Did she heck! I had to ring the bell twice and they eventually moved. And she apologies for not seeing me. For goodness’ sake, it’s not quantum physics to work out that if you, your partner, and your massive dire wolf are taking up the entire width of the path, the cyclist will not be able to pass. Some people.

Anyway, I’ve also been busy working on next year’s Turf Scotland Advent Calendar and have compiled 20 of the 24 tasks and still have a whole bunch of other ideas to play with. The format will probably be similar to 2023, though the Easy and Challenging option will be replaced with just the one task, each of which will involve taking 5 zones but with the option of going for 10 zones rather than 5, should you feel in need of further exercise. Some tasks are enhanced versions of previous tasks, others are entirely new and some might just stay the same as before by popular request. Also, in line with feedback, tasks requiring assist or with specific times, will not be included.

Now, taking 5 zones might seem rather easy but there will be all manner of little twists and sneaky tweaks to make things far more interesting. And for some of them you’ve only got yourselves to blame and should not have mentioned anything in the WhatsApp group or in the feedback. I’ve also added a degree of random chance to some tasks where you decide what the task will include. However, I’m not giving too much away at this early stage. You will just have to wait and see. Back with more soon.

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