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TP1687 Broomieknowe

There’s a bright moon tonight, not a full moon but bright enough to show me the way and cast my shadow before me. Or behind me if I’m going the other way. Full moon was four days ago, so it’s now either waxing or waning, I can never recall which. Better look that up. Right, it’s waning tonight. And here’s a useful tip. If the shadow is on the right, like it is tonight, the moon is in waning phase. If the shadow is on the left, then the moon is waxing and heading towards a full moon. Interesting. The planet Jupiter was easily visible to the left of the moon.

Tonight, I’m out turfing in Bonnyrigg and I’m also on the hunt. For a hedgehog. Readers may recall I’m trying for one of my own unofficial turf medals, the Nature Watch 25 – identify different species of animal at 25 zones. I’ve managed both Nature Watch 5 and 10 and my animal count is sitting at 13 and it’s getting much more challenging. So, I’m out turfing Bonnyrigg for the most likely of suspects, the hedgehog. By the way, it’s silly o’clock, 1.00 am in the morning.

And Lady Luck was with me tonight as Mrs Hedgehog (or Mr Hedgehog) was busy snuffling in the grass for worms at zone WayOfBaird. Champion, another to add to the list. Just another 12 to find. Actually, when I made up this medal, I probably should have made is easier. Rather than 25 different species of animal, it would have been easier to require 25 different animals regardless of species. I’d have been finished this medal by now. But Hay-Ho, we live and learn.

After WayOfBaird, I made my way towards Broomieknowe golf course, taking zones NotFencedIn, YourDiary, TongueSpatula and IKnowBroom. Encountered some young foxes along the cycle path and a very friendly cat which came across to see me. Usually, they run for their lives. Makes a change. There’s been young foxes here for about 3-years now.

Making my way onto the golf course, I have two destinations in mind. The first is zone BroomieGolf, as you might expect, the other is the trig point beside the wall, located between the 10th green and the 11th tee. It’s TP1687 Broomieknowe. Now, you may be wondering why I’m visiting the trig point. Especially when I’ve been here numerous times before. Well, you can blame this one of turfer MuttsCycles aka Scott of Mutts Cycles in Newtongrange. He posted a message on the Turf Scotland WhatsApp group about a publication he came across with the grand title of: Edinburgh & The Lothians Trig Bagger Challenge Logbook: Hiking & Walking Challenge Featuring 71 Trig Pillars in Edinburgh & The Lothians in Scotland. What a title!

He knew this would be right up my street and he was dead right. I ordered a copy immediately and have it before me right now. Simply put it’s a logbook for the 71 remaining trig points in Edinburgh & The Lothians and I’m going to visit each and every one and blog about my adventures. And hopefully, I’ll be able to include turfing at the same time. Well, done for spotting that, Scott.

Now, before we go any further, a few words of warning. After my visit to Aberlady Bay the other night, I thought I was free of ticks. However, just started to notice a couple of itchy areas, you might easily mistake for insect bites. Closer inspection revealed two tiny weeny little ticks. At less than 1 mm in size, it’s difficult to determine if they are 6-legged larvae or 8-legged nymphs. Apparently, the nymph stage is most likely to bite you. If I find them at home, I stick them onto a piece of clear Sellotape which allows me to look at them with a magnifying glass and also stops them escaping to bite again. Makes my skin crawl!

Broomieknowe golf course is a good spot at night for stargazing and tonight’s crystal-clear skies offered good views of the few constellations I’m familiar with, namely, The Plough, Cassiopeia and Orion. I can also spot The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, though I wish I knew more. Must put that stargazing app on my phone for my next session at night. It’s also a likely location to see other celestial phenomenon such as the Aurora, UFo’s. meteor showers or noctilucent clouds. Unfortunately, nothing intersting was showing tonight. Bye for now.

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