Turf Blog 10-05-24

Why is it that some inanimate objects seem to possess a life of their own, even a desire to escape? Take, for example, the humble bar of soap. In this instance, a Tesco Simple Pure Soap Bar For Sensitive Skin, 100g, one bar from a pack of four. I’m having a shower after a hot sticky silly o’clock turfing session clearing zones around Dalhousie Castle Hotel. Yes, the things we do for turfers who are a dab hand at making excellent cake, scones and other delightful delicacies and who are also more than generous with the products of their skills. None other than Pastry Chef aka turfer CardiffSoulCru.

Yes, I’m in the shower and drop the soap, make a spirited attempt to catch the damn thing but miss, only managing a fleeting slimy touch before it escapes. Not only does it land on the bathroom floor but also manages to escape through the open door and into the hall. But it does not stop there, and makes a 90-degree turn and gets as far as the end of the hall before coming to rest. Now, don’t tell me that soap doesn’t have a will of its own!

Then there’s the mobile phone, another inanimate object that seems to possess a life of its own, particularly one for mischief and usually when running the Turf app. Yes, recently my mobile phone, a Google Pixel 8 Pro, has taken to crashing the Turf app whenever it feels like, and always when taking a zone. But why does it do that? I care for it as I would a young puppy, feed it fresh electricity every day and even polish its screen when it gets dirty. It gets taken out for walkies every day and is loved, cherished and cared for. Yet it still gets up to wanton mischief. Maybe it wants me to read it bedtime stories or tuck it up in bed at night. So annoying. Have tried uninstall/reinstall of the Turf app but to no avail. As a last resort, I’m considering resetting the phone back to factory and doing a rebuild.

Now, you may be wondering what there is yet another picture of a bicycle above. Well, I have actually taken the plunge and ordered a brand spanking new bicycle. Yes, a Ribble CGR SL Sport from Ribble Cycles across in Englandshire, in Preston, Lancashire, to be precise. I almost bought it last week when it was priced at £2400 but I’m glad I didn’t. Last night I chanced to look again and low-and-behold the price had dropped by £400.00. One of the high-end models was down by £1000, another £1600. It was just too good an opportunity to miss. So, after a nice chat with the FC*, it was out with the credit card and the bike was ordered.

The website states estimated delivery 10 – 14 days, which is enticing but somewhat misleading, as an email just bleeped in with an estimated dispatch date of 30th May with up to 3-days delivery time. I was hopeful of getting the bike in time for Sconanza 2024 but that seems unlikely. However, I’ve emailed Ribble customer services and asked if there’s any chance I can get the bike before Sconanza 2024 on 1st June, including a link to the ESOC page. I’m not hopeful but worth a try. At least I’m not short of other bikes, or kick scooters, for that matter!

So, why this bike in particular? Well, I wanted something lightweight, at least lighter than the 11.5kg of my Genesis Day One single speed (nee Harley Quinn), but I also wanted gears to help tackle those more challenging turf medals such as the Roundpointer-750k. This wee beastie comes in at a stated 9.00kg, though I’m taking that with a pinch of salt as I suspect it might be slightly higher.

Much to the FC’s dismay I’ve already planned a few changes, even before the bike arrives. Why anyone would think this is odd is beyond me. Seems a perfectly reasonable action to any bloke interested in bicycles. First task is to fit mudguards which require a dedicated bridge for the seat stays. Parts ordered. Next change the tyres to my preferred Schwalbe Marathon Racer 30 x 700 (also ordered) and bung on a set of pedals (from Pugsley). Seems that not many bikes come with pedals these days. I hope to keep the final weight under a target of 10.00kg.

The key to this bike is the lightweight carbon fibre frame and forks, 1.60kg compared to the 3.30kg of the Genesis, which gives me a good basis for future modifications and rebuilds. I’m pretty sure I could get that down under 8.00kg with a single speed build and some inexpensive very expensive carbon fibre or titanium components. Back soon.

*FC – Financial Controller.

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