Turf Blog 14-09-22

Help! I’ve lost my turf mojo again. Struggling to find any enthusiasm to go turfing. Did managed a paltry 6 zones during a walk around Dalhousie Castle but that’s just totally crap. Really just could not be arsed at all. I fear I’m going to be another statistic, adding myself to the 360,392 turfers who have been and gone. One less to the 288 active turfers in Scotland. No more turf blogs. No more turf zone photographs. No more meeting strange but interesting turfers. No more turf adventures in the wee small hours of the night. No more fat bike turfing in the snow. No more nocturnal turfing at Aberlady Bay Nature Reserve. No more turf scooting the trails in Newbattle woods at night. No more wild police chases for turf kick scooting on the pavement. No more police TPAC’s for cycling on the pavement while turfing. No more turf video blogs. No more checking the turf app every few minutes to see who is about. No more takes, no more zones, no more points, no more medals, no more ranks. Oh, woe is me, for I am undone and what is to be done?

*Turfer Pursuit And Containment.

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