Turf Blog 15-10-23

Progress continues towards the next medal in the Roundpointer series, but at a slower pace than in previous days. Due to cold weather and its effect on my poor wee toes, I’ve been avoiding the bike these past couple of days, either walking on foot or taking the kick scooter. Points gathered have been fewer but I’ve now reached over 224,000, leaving only 26,000 for the Roundpointer-250k medal. I don’t envisage myself trying for the Roundpointer-500k medal this Round.

Yesterday, I was on foot around Dalhousie Castle, enjoying a relaxed plod in heavy boots through woodland and across farmland. Weather was bitterly cold in the wind but almost scorchio in the sunshine out of the wind. So, jacket off one minute and back on again the next. I must say walking makes a pleasant change from dashing madly about on the bicycle. And, most important of all, I don’t suffer from cold toes when walking.

You might think that I’m a bit of a wimp when I restrict my turfing because of cold toes. And I would almost agree with you but I think I have some inherited circulation problem, same as my grandfather suffered from, that affects the tips of my toes, my fingers (when driving oddly), and strangely enough, the tips of my ears. What I end up with are small red spots on the tips of my toes which are uncomfortable at best, very painful at worst. They can make walking very uncomfortable. Problem seems to be a result of first being in the cold, then warming up indoors. Not sure how to avoid this.

Fingers are easy enough to deal with. Just add warm gloves and keep them moving. Ears are the same, just add hat, cap with ear flaps or borrow two stray cats and wear on shoulders. But toes while cycling are a challenge. I’ve read that cycling can commonly affect circulation in the feet and toes, so perhaps I’m not alone here. My plan is to purchase footwear a size too large, add warm insoles, thermal socks and perhaps cycling overshoes as well. Fingers crossed I can then stay out on the bike during the cold days and evenings ahead.

Today, out on the freshly painted Swifty Air kick scooter along the coast between Portobello in Edinburgh and Musselburgh, which is actually in East Lothian. I do love getting back out on the kick scooter. It’s so much more relaxing than cycling, slower but more enjoyable as well. I guess partly due to the slower speed and ability to ride on the pavements rather than on busy roads in traffic. Mind you, still get a few grumpy old sods who think I should not be a) riding on the pavement and b) riding an electric scooter. Both of which are incorrect. My session today added 6000 points towards my goal.

Portobello promenade was very busy, as you would expect for a Sunday, even with the cold winds from the north-west. Great fun dodging and weaving the Swifty through the crowds, careful to keep an eye for escaped children, ball chasing dogs and the occasional feline parting with another of its nine lives. Stopped to watch some open water swimmers braving the cold waters of the Firth of Forth. Not something I’ve ever found attractive.

No bicycle chat today but some mobile phone chat instead. Decided it was time I bought myself a decent mobile phone. I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy A10 for more than three years now and want something better. My main objectives are: a phone better for photography, longer battery life and at least IP68 waterproof rating. Been doing super-loads of online research and have whittled it down to two models, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Google Pixel 8 Pro. And sorry Apple fans, I just cannot bring myself to buy the latest Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. The Google Pixel 8 Pro is the winner and has been ordered. More on this soon.

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