Turf Blog 16-01-24

Well fellow turfers, with more than 5 years kick scooting under my belt, I have finally worked out what Police Scotland’s official policy is on kick scooting (not with an e-scooter) on the pavement. With a study sample of around 25 encounters, all observed under the most rigid of scientific conditions, I can now say with some authority that the official policy is not to tell said kick scooterist not to ride on the pavement, not to issue said kick scooterist a fixed penalty notice or even perform a TPAC* manoeuvre with four armed-response traffic cars, employ taser to take said kick scooterist to the ground and place him in handcuffs. No, none of the above. Okay, are you ready? Here it comes. Police Scotland’s official policy on kick scooting on the pavement is, wait for it, to have a jolly good laugh. 🙂

Next, TvT, or Turfer verses Turfer. A page on Warded that shows a list of turfers you have taken zones from as well as which Turfers have taken zones from you. Which is all very interesting but what I find much more interesting is the total number of unique turfers I’ve taken a zone from. This morning standing at 285. And the appearance of a couple of new turfers locally to Bonnyrigg, my home area, offers up the opportunity to add a few more and a little flurry of excitement on Scottish turf social media as well.

And that was this morning’s turf mission. The two turf names in question were turfer RE101, who had taken two zones up in Newtongrange, and turfer rnics, who had taken a handful of zones right here in Bonnyrigg. I was initially planning to grab one first locally from rnics but checking the TvT list on Warded revealed I’d already done so yesterday, taking no less than 4 zones from him/her/they/them/blah/blah/blah or whatever human/alien/android they might be. Taking the total to 286. Guess I should pay attention to whom I’m taking zones from at the time. But you don’t, do you, on your local patch.

The other turfer, RE101, gave me the opportunity for a kick scooter session. However, with only two zones in that name, I would have to hurry. I would not be surprised that another turfer might appear and take them before I kick scooted my way to Newtongrange. So, I was fair flying along with the Swifty Air kick scooter this morning. But all went well and I managed to bag one at 10:42. Which was just as well as turfer TurboSmith took the same Suttieslea zone as 12:09. My total is now standing at 287. Shame there’s not any turf medals available!

The problem with TvT, as well as the similar activity of FTT, or First To take, is the transient nature of the items/zones you are hunting. With FTT, once it’s gone, it’s gone forever and cannot be taken again. With TvT zones, the turfer may only take a handful of zones, perhaps even one solitary zone, and once those are taken, and if the new turfer does not continue, they also are lost forever. Could be quite stressful hunting down zones like these, never knowing if they will vanish before your very eyes. Back again soon.

*Tactical Pursuit And Containment

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