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While looking at the turf map, there seemed to be a lack of people out turfing this weekend, then I realised it the Easter holidays and people may be elsewhere. You tend to forget about holidays when you retire as every day is like a holiday. Then I wondered if turfer numbers in Scotland were still dropping as they have done since the effect of Covid started to fall. So, after great effort, I pulled the data and created a chart.

Scotland started to see turfers on the ground from way back in Round #001 in July 2010 with a slow increase until around Round #122 in August 2020. From there numbers rapidly climbed to a peak of 800 during Round #129 in March 2021. The sudden very rapid climb about Round #125 corresponds to the BBC article featuring Fearglas. Then follows a steady decline to Round #141 with 389 active turfers. Today half way through Round #142, we have 324 active turfers. Interesting to note that the fall from peak numbers during Round #129 in March 2021 corresponds to the change in Covid restrictions from Stay at Home to Stay Local. Of course, I may be wrong.

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