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Ever since the beginning of time, human beings with too much spare time on their hands, i.e. human beings who turf responsibly, are happily retired and spend far too much time blogging, ask questions like, why do you feel refreshed after a shower but don’t if you only wash your face in the morning? Or why do you plan for a silly o’clock turfing sessions but cannot be bothered to get out of bed? Or when someone says, I’ll be with you in a minute, darling, really means, I’m not going to be with you until you have completed the task, I don’t want to help you with because I’m watching mindless rubbish on Facebook. You know, serious life changing stuff like that.

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Then there’s the tough turf questions, the ones you don’t want to know the answer to. Like, how much time do you spend turfing? Or how often you check the mobile phone for turf activity, WhatsApp, who’s out and about taking zones and so on, not to mention blogging about turf. Best not go there I reckon. One thing I’ve been asking myself recently is why am I chasing down turfer uniques when there’s no medal to be achieved?

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Take yesterday, for example. By chance I spotted a turfer out by Carrington, lakespilgrim, not a name I’d come across before. So, I immediately checked my TvT list and no such turf name was showing. This was a turfer unique! However, there was only one zone with that name and it might be taken at any time by another turfer. Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic, as Corporal Jones used to say. Okay, I didn’t panic but immediately rushed out on the bike to take the zone. I must be mad!

Turf Zone – GraffitiZone

And today, all the way across to the Badlands of Penicuik for two zones, one was GlencorseRIP, a unique for me and the other was at IKEA, Loanhead, for a turfer unique called meleys. Actually, quite an enjoyable cycle, up the old railway line as far as Dalmore mill, then up through Auchendinny where I came across a downside to riding single speed bikes, a bloody steep hill. Made it as far as the telephone box mini book share and had to walk from there. Maybe I should get a bike with proper gears for the Scottish Turf Open Weekend 2024 in May/June. Hey ChoccyMuffin, can I spend £5000 please? Ouch, that hurt!

Turf Zone – GraffitiZone

This Sunday sees the start of the “Week of Turf Madness” where Scotland has been challenged by Skåne and Västra Götland. The challenge runs for seven days from 21st to 28th April and follows the usual format for such events, i.e. points awarded in three categories of turf points, zone takes, round uniques. I actually forgot about this one but contacted Leonne a.k.a. Fearglas, and she added me to the team list. Interesting that participant bring their PPH score with them at the start of the competition. Should be fun.

Nice surprise on the mobile phone with a popup telling me I’d achieved the next Rank, Holy Turfer with 9,500,000 points. Only another five Ranks left and only another 40,500,000 points required. At this rate that will take me another 13-years or so. Bloody hellfire, I’ll be 75 then. Back soon.

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