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Task No. 17 – 17th December – The Turfinator

Easy Option
You are the Turfinator, a highly efficient cybernetic poly-mimetic alloy turfing machine from the future. You don’t feel pity or remorse for other turfers you deliberately block or ghost. You have no fear or conscience, do not sleep or rest, stop to eat food or drink, sprinkle the ivory, plop the poop, or bathe or take showers, and will turf anywhere, in any weather, at any time of day or night and absolutely will not stop, ever, until your turf mission is complete and your target has been turfinated. You, yes you, are the Turfinator.

You have been sent back in time by TurfNet to turfinate an annoying turfer who asked the wrong question. This question starts a chain of unfortunate quantum events in the fabric of space-time opening up a fracture eventually leading to a world-wide shortage of fruit scones and Kit-Kats, followed by Turf being banned on paid of, well, pain, throughout the Multiverse. You do not know the identity of this turfer, as records were destroyed during the Turf Wars, therefor your programming requires you to hunt down and take 5 zones each zone being held by a different turfer.

Challenging Option
In addition to, and as described in Easy, take another 5 zones. Each zone must be held by a different turfer from those taken in Easy.

First thoughts were how to identify which zones were held by which turfer. Started off looking at zones individually on the app but that was so tedious. However, there is a handy website called Turf – Area of Influence that offers a more user-friendly graphic format. This was much easier to plan a route to take the 10 zones from 10 different turfers.

My initial thoughts were to head across Bonnyrigg and down to the coast at Musselburgh, however, turfer TurboSmith held the majority of the zones in the area, so I’d have to cycle into Edinburgh to get other turfers. And this led to the thought, why not head into Edinburgh city centre on the bus? The map graphic showed plenty of different turfers in a small area, ideal for foot turfing.

Jumped on an early bus and was turfing in Edinburgh by around 8:30 am. I’d alighted at the Newington area with the idea of walking into the city centre, taking zones along the way. It did not take long to collect 10 zones from 10 different turfers, less than an hour’s work, all as follows:

  • GrangeCourt taken from ESOCWalter.
  • Scotland2023 FeTaTo.
  • Baguazone taken from Boneshaker.
  • Nicolsonpark taken from ESOCJeneral.
  • HunterSquare taken from MarkkuEsoc.
  • JohnKnoxZone taken from gaelgirl.
  • Waverley taken from Orinoko.
  • PrincesZone taken from CardiffSoulCru.
  • Scottzone taken from ZulaTheAlien:).
  • StAndrewzone taken from HappyHibby.

With the task complete I had time to grab a few more zones before the café opened at John Lewis, at 10.00 am, where a fruit scone and a coffee were eagerly consumed. And by that time the rain had started, so back on the No 31 and home for lunch. Job done.

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