Turf Blog 19-01-21

With the increasing popularity of Turf, any zones I take seem to get taken by other players within days, hours, and even minutes, of me taking them. My zone tally on Sunday was a pleasing 51 zones, mostly from a cycle to Musselburgh in East Lothian, but most were gone by Monday evening, leaving me with a poor 10 zones to my name. It was time to do something about it.

Having awoke at Silly O’clock, I was out on the Surly Ogre by 4.00 am, perfectly timed to go for the Dawn Ninja, “a medal awarded to the first shadow of the day, who has taken at least three zones between 4.00 am and 5.00 am”. My first take of the morning was Pittendriech (170 points), closely followed by the nearby Brixwold (170 points), then up to the local church for KirkCockpen but that was only a revisit for 93 points and does not count towards the medal. For my third take, I dropped down to the Hopefield area to take GroovyFarm (170 points) and a pop-up on the phone alerted me that I’d achieved the Dawn Ninja. Yippee!

Turf zone – Slytherin

The next hour or so was spent re-taking all the zones in Bonnyrigg I’d lost over the past few days including LadyMarion, ChesterGarden, AuldCoal, CockpenBypass, Skeltiemuir, Poltonhall, Flash, ArgylePlaza, FreeKick, CatSchool, RobinAndTuck, Bonnyrigg, DobbysSock, Wee, IKnowBroom, TongueSpatula, LothianSquare, NotFencedIn, WaverleyPath, WaverleyPark, Wishart, A7View and Slytherin, all for 170 points each. A final finish with a re-visit of WayOfBaird for 85 points on the way home.

Turf zone – CollegeZone

My rank was now up to Rank 20 – Super Adventurer, with round points just under 60,000 and my overall points score just under 104,000. Will be interesting to see how quickly these zones are re-taken over the next few days. With Dawn Ninja in the bag, I think it will be Dark Ninja next, just need to take at least 3 zones between 2.00 am and 3.00 am. Easy enough. Then there’s Darkest Ninja, “a medal awarded to the mighty ones who have taken at least 30 Zones between 2.00 am and 3.00 am.” And that is something far more challenging indeed.

Turf zone – Beatles

Fast forward to lunchtime and a quick blast around Eskbank on the Surly Ogre picking up a few more zones lost over the past few days. More people around now, and dogs, and I think I prefer the wee small hours when almost no-one is out and about, other than us silly turfers. Good to take another nine zones back including Eskbank (155 points), CollegeZone (155 points), BikeSlooowly (155 points), Beatles (155 points), WhichKing (170 points), EskPath (170 points), Strawberries (155 points), WitchTakeoff (155 points) and finally Hardengreen (155 points), and keep that score rising.

One final tip of the day. If wearing gloves that are not compatible with working a mobile phone screen, try licking your finger first. Good for centering your avatar icon on the screen!

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