Turf Blog 20-01-23

Turf Zone – RoslinGlen

With the weather hovering around or below freezing point these past few days what little snow that fell earlier has remained in place just enough to grant me another of my unofficial medals. With 88 zones taken over the last three days I’ve managed to find just enough zones where snow is still lying on the ground to count towards the Snowman 100 medal. A walk around Dalhousie Castle offered up a few, a fat bike ride around Dalkeith Country park added more and a final ride to Penicuik also on the Surly Pugsley fat bike gave me the remaining 25 zones I required. Another medal in the bag.

Okay, the snow wasn’t very deep but it was very icy underneath which kind of makes up for the lack of snow. However, just for added fun, I’ve had an idea for another unofficial medal along similar lines. This one will require snow to be actually falling when you take the zone and comes with the same take options as the Snowman, namely, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100. The heavier snow the better. I’ve decided to call this one the Road Closed medal. Should be fun, if we get any snow, that is. Fingers crossed. Back soon.

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