Turf Blog 20-09-23

Turf Zone – Cockpen

Up early today to make breakfast for ChoccyMuffin. Raining cats and dogs. River of water running down street. Some ducks look very happy. Still tired after mega two-day family wedding and socialising at weekend but mostly recovered. Grabbed a few uniques in Melrose while staying at G&A hotel. Weather very mild and rain forecast to stop later, so time for coffee and Kit-Kat. No turfing before coffee. Oh, and not forgetting second coffee as well.

Out turfing Newtongrange yesterday, a veritable hot-spot for turfers. There’s myself, met CardiffSoulCru enroute to Mutts Cycles and at the bike shop, FeTaTo getting her bike repaired and MuttsCycles himself, busy saving broken bicycles from the scrapyard. A very noble profession. Good on yer, Scott. Bonnyrigg today, taking zones back after they were all “stolen” by Pedro_delb. I always seem to have a dual reaction when I get a notification of 30 plus zones lost. One is annoyance at losing “my” local zones. Yet at the same time, delight at being able to take them all back again. Weird or what?

Rode the Harley Quinn single speed today, perhaps not the easiest option with the strong winds gusting from the west. Bike also has an annoying creak which I’m struggling to narrow down. Most likely culprit is a gremlin inside the crank set, probably working away to loosen one of the chainring bolts. I’m going to change the inner tubes this afternoon, so will strip everything down at the same time and see what mischief I can find. Trying out OKO tyre sealant which is much more cost effect to purchase in larger quantities.

Thirty zones returned to the fold this morning but not much of interest to report. A women scowled at me at zone PeacocksBeard for some reason. Possibly, I suspect, because she thinks I should not be riding on the pavement. I should say the pavement here is a shared cycleway. Well, probably, the signage is rather sparse, as usual.

I mentioned a few days ago that I’d bought a custom frame bag from Alpkit. However, when fitted and loaded it bulges out too much at the sides, interfering with my pedalling. I probably should have either gone for the additional divider which would have prevented this, or, have made the template slightly smaller to allow the Velcro straps that secure it to the frame to tighten up the bag. You live and learn. I’ve bought some heavyweight fusible iron-on interfacing fabric which I hope will stiffen up the sides. If that does not work, might source some thin but stiff plastic sheet and see if that works. Back soon.

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