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The other day while out turf-walking, a passing cyclist stopped and asked me if I’d heard his bicycle bell okay. He was concerned that people might not hear him approaching. I agreed that yes, it was just fine, loud and clear. Yesterday, out of interest, I asked the same thing myself of a lady out walking her dog (and I did not choose her because she was very pretty and had nice long shapely legs, honest, cross my heart and hope never to turf again). She replied that yes it was loud and clear, and helpful, in that I rang the bell early to give her plenty time to rein in her dog.

I must do this again. Seems a great way to chat with people and get some feedback, especially attractive ladies with nice shapely legs. So, as the lady says, ring your bell early and give them time to react, get out of the way, or even do that mad scatter all over the place like rabbits in the car headlights. And before we leave this paragraph, an interesting one this morning on the cycle path. Lady with pram ahead. Ring, ring. No reaction. Ring, ring again, louder this time. What does she do? She stops in middle of path and reaches for her mobile phone. Says she thought someone was sending her messages. Aye, well.

Now, the topic of unofficial turf medals to go for. Came up with a goody on my cycle around my local patch, namely Bonnyrigg, Rosewell and Dalkeith, this morning. One of the official turf medals I both miss and don’t at the same time is the Daily Five, or Five-a-Day. So, why not go a stage further. What I’ve come up with is the Daily Dozen, take 12 zones a day, for 10, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 or 365 days. Has a nice ring to it, the Daily Dozen. It’s simple, more of a challenge, you get more exercise and so on and so forth. Any takers? And if any Turf Wizards are reading this, you could use the same coding as the Daily Five and just change a few parameters. Please, please, pretty please, with sprinkles!

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