Turf Blog 23-12-22

Turf zone – WayOfBaird

I’ve now got a whole two years turfing under my belt and I’m amazed that I’ve managed to keep the Turf Blog rolling all that time. So, today, I thought I’d again re-post my very first Turf Blog entry from December 2020, taking my very first few zones and my first two turf medals. All thanks to a BBC News article featuring a young lady by the name of Leonne Hutchinson, a.k.a. Féarglas, the Queen of Scottish turfers. I wonder what I’d be doing if I hadn’t read that article?

“Having signed up to take part in Turf this very morning and having read all there was to read on the Turf game, by lunchtime I was raring to go, so grabbed the Swifty Air kick scooter from the Man Cave, logged into the Turf app and set off to take my first zone, Pittendriech, a small stream located about 100 meters from the front door of the house! My first 185 points in the bag. Then onto the next zone, Brixwold, a footbridge over the Pittendriech Burn, only 185 meters upstream from the Pittendriech zone and another 185 points added to the total.

With only 45 minutes available from my lunch break, I planned a short local circuit taking in a few more zones, starting with LadyMarion (185 points), followed by RobinAndTuck (185 points). Then up to the town centre to bag Bonnyrigg (170 points). Next along the A6094 to take in LothianSquare (185 points), south to take NotFencedIn (185 points) and along the Dalkeith to Penicuik cycleway to grab WaverlyPath (185 points) and on the final stretch home, WayOfBaird (185 points). A total of 9 zones taken, although I would witness LothianSquare being taken by another turfer later that same day.

I was quite pleased with my first turfing adventure, over 1,650 points and Rank 4 – Master Scout. Great not being a newbie for too long. Also picked up a couple of medals, Take-5 and Greed-5. I think I’m going to enjoy turfing.”


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