Turf Blog 24-09-22

I think I may have discovered the reason why Team Scotland isn’t 1st, 1st and 1st in TURF 2022. Though I may be wrong, so don’t get grumpy. I logged onto the turf app the other morning, quite early on I must add, and was amazed at the sheer number of turfers out turfing across the North Sea in the land where Clarkson, Hamster and May, of The Grand Tour, filmed their latest venture, The Scandi Flick, which actually has nothing to do with turfing but is a good laugh if you haven’t already watched it. A good time to suggest watching is 6:45 pm on a Saturday night when Strictly is on. I dare you!

I didn’t count how many turfers were out turfing but they just about filled the screen. Now compare this to how many turfers were out turfing in Scotland. The figure was equally amazing, so much so that I had to do a re-count to make certain. The number was one. Yes, a whole one bare singular lonely turfer. Though it could have been worst. It could have been zero. Actually, it was worse, it was zero, that turfer was not in Team Scotland. And there we have it the simple solution to winning TURF 2022. Get turfers out there turfing. Simples. Okay, it’s more complicated than that and there’s loads of words of wisdom being bandied about on the WhatsApp Turf Scotland. But essentially, go turfing.

And that’s what I did this morning, and I must admit muchly spurned on my having lost around 75 zones to Team Scotland turfers. Managed a quick circuit of Bonnyrigg and hope to be out again later today. Would like to do more but having had a couple episodes of double-vison during the past two days, felt rather reluctant to go very far until I see the optician tomorrow. It really does make things difficult when you see two of everything. I had intended an extended cycle turf today along the coast and back via Pencaitland but the thought of another attack of double-vison far from home is not attractive.

I mentioned about noisy brakes the other day. Well, I finally succumbed to raiding the spares box and fitting both new rotors and new pads. Made all the difference but I suspect usage over time will have me back to square one again. I guess the population of Bonnyrigg and beyond will just have to cope with some noisy bicycle braking. Also, my new Hope R2 Vision Epic LED lights have arrived and have been installed, just waiting for the batteries to fully charge for a night turf, possibly this evening. Was very pleased to discover that my existing Hope universal quick-release mounts could be used with the new lights. Just required a few spacers for the longer bolts. So much easier for transferring between bikes and kick scooters. Looking forward to trying them out. Better RTFM before I go. Back soon.

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