Turf Bonuses

Turf zone – Newtongrange

As well as collecting points for taking over zones in Turf, and also achieving some of the vast array of medals on offer, there are also three bonuses that can be gained, one providing additional points, with the other two offering a time bonus.

The points bonus is for taking neutral zones (I cannot help thinking of the Romulan Neutral Zone in Star Trek). These are zones that have yet to be taken in a round and are denoted by their yellow colour. A turfer who takes a neutral zone gets an additional 50 points as well as the points value for that zone.

The first time bonus is called a GPS bonus and this is awarded if the player keeps their GPS switched on after taking a zone. The bonus is 5 seconds off the players zone takeover time. When the player deactivates the GPS after taking a zone, the GPS bonus is lost. The GPS bonus is activated if the GPS icon in the bottom left corner of the Turf app has open arms.

The other time bonus is the Region Lord, a bonus which also gives 5 seconds of the players zone takeover time. Region Lord is given to the player who holds the greatest number of zones in a region. A region would be, for example, Scotland.

See the main Turf website and the official Turf Wiki for more detailed information.

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