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Inspired by both the daily turfing assignments of Kalender Turf 2021 and the many turf medals that can be achieved, I’ve decided to create a few of my own turf challenges. If anyone wants to try some, and simply as loose guide, aim to complete each challenge within 24 hours, that’s Midnight to Midnight, though it really doesn’t matter if you take longer. There are no awards or medals, just go out there and have some fun. Revisits are permitted in all challenges.

A to Z Turfer
This challenge requires the turfer to visit 26 separate zones, visited in alphabetical order. The start zone should have a zone name beginning with the letter “A”, the next zone the letter “B”, and so on. The final zone name should begin with the letter “Z”.

Attribute Turfer
Many, though not all, turf zones have an attribute assigned to them, for example, Holy, Bridge or Train Station. This challenge requires you to take as many attribute zones as you can in 24 hours. You should only take attribute zones and no other zones.

Bridge Turfer
To complete the Bridge Turfer challenge all you need to do is visit as many bridge zones as you can find. The bridge zones can be across water, roads or railways or whatever. The zones need not have the bridge attribute.

Deepest Darkest Ninja
The official Darkest Ninja medal is awarded to turfers who have taken at least 30 zones between 2.00 am ad 3.00 am. To become a Deepest Darkest Ninja, you are required to take 60 zones between 1.00 am and 3.00 am. Wish I had a medal to award for this one!

Memory Turfer
For this challenge you are required to rely on memory alone to take 20 different zones. The phone screen should be switched off and must not be looked at during the challenge. Audio alerts are allowed. Remember, phone screen off!

Trainspotting Turfer
Trainspotter Turfer involves visiting as many railway related zones as you can manage within 24 hours. The zones can be stations, railway bridges, old railway lines serving as cycle paths, and so on. Anything associated with trains and railways. All aboard!

More to follow soon. If you can think of any more turfing challenges, please use the Contact form above to send them in and I’ll include them here.

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