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Some time ago I created a turf page called Turf Irritations, a light-hearted look at some of the little and not so little irritations that we turfers encounter from time to time. However, to balance the equitation and keep the peace, I thought it only fair to do a page on the delights of turfing, all the good things about participating in the Turf game.

  1. Turfing is free, there are no fees or other expenses you have to pay.
  2. You can collect points, be awarded tons of medals and challenge yourself.
  3. It gets you out and about for exercise in the Great Outdoors.
  4. You can play Turf at any time of the day or night, all year round.
  5. It takes you to all manner places you would never dream of visiting.
  6. Turfing on a deserted beach at midnight under a full moon.
  7. You can walk, run, cycle, kick scoot, or whatever else takes your fancy.
  8. It takes you to all manner places you will never want to visit again.
  9. You meet strange people called turfers who are often just like yourself.
  10. Watching the expression on people’s faces when stopping to take a zone.
  11. Using your fat bike to go turfing in the snow during a blizzard.
  12. The excitement of getting that cherished Ghost Minute medal.
  13. Adding a ninja sword to your icon after completed the Darkest Ninja.
  14. Watching a badger running along the pavement while night turfing.
  15. Trying to explain to non-turfers what turfing is all about.
  16. Getting your first ever turfing medal, e.g. the Take-5 and Greed-5.
  17. Watching your turf rank increasing as you collect more points.
  18. Retiring from work and having all the time in the world for turfing.
  19. Getting your free bus pass and using it to turf further away.
  20. Being awarded a challenging medal such as the Greed-300
  21. Adding a tail to your turfman icon when you get the Eager Ferret.
  22. Taking part in competitions with other countries around the world.
  23. Turfing the deserted streets of your town in the wee small hours.
  24. Learning things about your local area you didn’t know.
  25. Realising you are losing weight, getting fitter and healthier.
  26. Finding that your cycling skills have improved, both on and off road.
  27. The delights of watching the changing seasons with regular turfing.
  28. Turfing gives purpose to an exercise, other than the exercise itself.
  29. Finding that turfing helped keep you sane during Covid-19 lockdown.
  30. The competitive element of turfing providing motivation to exercise.
  31. Taking a zone gives you a rest!
  32. Your Turf Delight here!

Many thanks to the turfers who sent in their turf delights and who wish to remain incognito. If you can think of any more turf delights, please use the Contact form above to send them in and I’ll include them here. Help me get to 100 turf delights!

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