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As with most activities there’s the correct way of doing things and there’s the wrong way of doing things, and the activity of turfing is no different. Even from my very first zone bagging session, it was obvious that there was going to be lots of useful hints and tips that would streamline my zone taking and on this page I’m going to record them all down to share with other Turf and turfing enthusiasts.

  • Addiction – like many activities, turfing can be addictive, be aware.
  • Bicycles – probably the most efficient method of turfing transport.
  • Bike lock – always carry one, as you never know when it may be needed.
  • Blog – create a blog, take photographs, share your adventures.
  • Food and drink – carry with you and save Turfing time and money.
  • Gloves – use gloves that are phone touch screen compatible.
  • GPS – keep your GPS on for a 5 second bonus off your takeover time
  • Grass – favourite haunt of dogs looking to leave gifts for you to step on
  • Handlebar bag – alternative and accessible way to carry mobile phones.
  • Kick scooters – fast, light, efficient, fun and can be used on pavements.
  • Lights – if night turfing, carry two lights, one to use, one as backup.
  • Medals – something to aim for and can be challenging as well.
  • Neutral zones – worth seeking out for an additional 50 bonus points.
  • Night turfing- nights may be quieter and less competition about.
  • Phone battery – always make sure it’s fully charged before going turfing.
  • Phone mount – most essential accessory on bicycles and kick scooters.
  • Planning – always plan your route but be flexible as things may change.
  • Power pack – useful backup for phone on long zone taking sessions.
  • Racks and bags – let the bike carry your gear rather than on your back.
  • Re-visits – fewer points but may be worth it if passing that zone anyway.
  • Running – faster than walking if you are fit. I prefer using my bicycles.
  • Toilet – take any available opportinity, may be ages before you get another.
  • Walking – good for difficult or hard to reach off-road zone locations.
  • Water – don’t forget to drink plenty fluids, it will help you keep turfing.

See the main Turf website and the official Turf Wiki for more detailed information.

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