Turf Video 21-07-22

In this turfing video we start in Queensferry, cross the Firth of Forth on the Forth Road Bridge, complete a loop around North Queensferry before returning back across the bridge. My steed for the day is my faithful Swifty Air kick scooter.

One thing I didn’t mention (because I forgot!) in the video occurred just as I was starting to film. Up pops an error message on the GoPro Hero 10 Black, namely Insert SD Card. Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic! Bugger, I’d left the media card in the computer at home. Then, oh crap, did I bring the spare card with me. Thankfully, I had and was able to start filming. What a relief.

I also mention about adjusting or changing the front pannier to make it better for carrying my camera equipment while at the same time keeping it easily accessible. The problem is I want to be able to quickly and easily change the GoPro camera between the mini tripod and the selfies stick and also not have them rattling about and possibly getting damaged. Okay, it’s not that much of a problem but I always like things streamlined as much as possible. However, after much thought, altering or changing the pannier didn’t seem the way to go.

So, I looked at it another way. Could I combine the mini-tripod and selfie stick into one? And yes, I could thanks to GoPro with the GoPro 3-Way 2.0, a combined selfie stick, mini-tripod and camera grip all in one device. Also includes a ball-joint for added versatility. I’ll be able to carry it either by hand when walking, in the frame bag on the bicycle or in the lid of the pannier while kick scooting, always readily within reach at all times. Magic!

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