Update August 2020

Been doing quite a bit of kick scooting these past few months, clocking up a good few miles on both my Swifty Zero and Swifty Air and thought it might be time for a short update on how things are going. Well, both are doing very well, no breakdowns or major parts wearing out, though the brake blocks on the Swifty Air are showing some signs of wear but nothing to bother about yet. However, there are a couple of things worth mentioning.

The first is that I find myself favouring the Swifty Air over the Swifty Zero, and when I think about it, it’s really down to the comfort provided by the Schwalbe Big Apple 16″ x 2.00″ tyres. They are great both off-road and on tarmac, run very fast, not quite as quick as the skinnier tyres on the Swifty Zero but as near as. They offer more comfort on rougher surfaces and inspire more confidence when riding.

The Swifty Air is also my preferred choice when I’m not sure what the ground conditions will be on any planned route.  A good example would be canal tow paths. So, my plan is to fit another set of Schwalbe Big Apple 16″ x 2.00″ tyres to the Swifty Zero. This will mean doing away with the mudguards, as there is simply not enough clearance for them, but I can live with that. That will mean wet legs when it’s been wet or raining but I think I’ll cope with that.

The other point I want to mention is the Scooter Deck Griptape, which is wearing out on both the Swifty Zero and Swifty Air in a couple of patches that corresponds to where the soles of my feet are placed. I’ve not had any real issues although have had the odd foot-slip in muddy conditions off-road. I’ve ordered four from Swifty Scooters, two to fit immediately and two for spares. Not quite sure the process for removing the old deck Griptape but always up for a challenge.

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