Wasgij Jigsaws

Jigsaw – Tip to the Tip

Wasgij puzzles are different from other jigsaw puzzles you can buy. The main difference being that the picture on the box is not the puzzle you are trying to complete. There are four different types of Wasgij puzzle. They are;

  • Original – what are the characters looking at?
  • Destiny – what will the picture look like in the future?
  • Mystery – what happens next to the characters in the image?
  • Christmas – same idea as Original on a Christmas theme.

You do get some clues in the box and if you are really stuck you can try searching online for the solution. There aren’t any official solutions but Wasgij enthusiasts sometimes post the solution online. Note that not all solutions may be available online. Actually, its quite satisfying not knowing and solving the puzzle without help.¬†Below is the solution to the Wasgij puzzle Trip to the Tip above. And if you haven’t noticed, Wasgij is simply Jigsaw backwards. Have fun!

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