Blog 01-04-24

Well, finally the fishy thing, come artwork, sculpture, mobile, not sure what to call it, is now installed on the garden fence at the rear of the house. The fish have actually been ready for some time, we’ve just been waiting for fair weather to get them installed, all 28 of them. They were made from timber salvaged from a discarded pallet left over after we got the porch built last year. Yes, I raided the rubbish skip in the dead of night! The paint and nails we already had in the shed, so the total cost was zero. Oh, forgot about the power Bosch jigsaw which cost £57.00 but that will always be available for other uses.

However, we now think that the shoal isn’t large enough, so more fish are required. Or is that fishes? Can never remember. So, what I needed was another pallet and lo and behold what was lying down at the Pittendreich burn but a nice, if rather sodden, timber pallet. I think it was dragged there by some children about a year ago to bridge the burn. Used the wheelbarrow to carry it back because they weigh a ton and a half. The Bosch jigsaw made short work of chopping it up into short planks, enough for another 20 or so fish, depending on what size I decide upon. May go for a larger number of smaller, baby fish. The planks are now stacked for drying. Watch this space, as they say.

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