Turf Blog 01-04-24

Now, a bit of a mystery to solve. Late last night I logged onto the PC, checked into Warded and clicked on the page showing map of untaken turfers. And much to my surprise there was two turfer unique zones showing here in Bonnyrigg, right on my doorstep. As a keen turfer unique hunter – that’s taking zones held by other turfers you’ve not taken a zone from previously – I was tempted to head out into the dark and dangerous streets of Bonnyrigg right there and then but basically couldn’t be arsed because I was in my jammies, so went to bed instead. They would keep until morning, I hoped.

Next morning, I was up by 8.00 am, late for me, and out on the Harley Quinn single speed. The zones in question were YourDiary, held by turfer allycatz, and TongueSpatula, held by turfer stretchMTB. Both names I’d not come across before. So, what’s the mystery? Well, we have two zones held by two different turfers in an area of zones all held by myself PlanetGary. Why only those two zones? And why one zone each? Why did they take those two zones out of all the others available? Perhaps little detective work will reveal all?

Looking at FRUT, the two turfers seemed to have shared the zones between them, one taking the zone with the other getting an assist, and the reverse at the other zone. Both appear to be new turfers, each with only a few points and takes. Turfer allycatz has taken a few zones down in Galashiels as well. But that does not solve the mystery of why those two zones.

However, I have a theory. It’s Easter weekend and both zones are within easy walking distance of Gigi’s Italian restaurant, located just across the street from zone YourDiary. My theory is that these are two youngsters, that is based on the choice of turf names, who have been in the area to visit Gigi’s for an Easter meal with family. Of course, I could be totally wrong.

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