Turf Blog 02-04-24

Last year, I tried my hand at making a few short videos on the subject of turfing, posting over 40 of them. When I post them, I’m usually happy with the results but when I look back after some time has passed, I usually find I’m disappointed, think they are not good enough and I could do better. Some are just rubbish. What I’m aiming to do this year, is make better turfing videos, videos that look less amateur and more professional. Quite a challenge, I suspect.

How to begin? Well, the Internet of course, and YouTube in particular. After many hours searching, and watching some videos that were frankly even worse than mine, I came across a channel called Always Another Adventure, featuring over 460 videos by Simon Willis, who has the benefit of being both an outdoors type of chap and an ex-BBC journalist and television presenter. At last, someone with a professional media background that does the same type of stuff I do, namely walking, making videos and cycling. Perfect.

Most of his videos are perfect examples of what I want to achieve but three in particular are really interesting. The collection is called “How I shoot cycling videos and cameras”, and comprises the following:

I wanted to share them here just in case any turfer out there was thinking of making turfing videos. Hope you find them as useful as I have.

Now, yesterday I posted a few words about a turfer unique mystery, involving the sudden appearance of two new turfer uniques. No further information on the mystery itself but it has happened again. Same two zones, Your Diary and TongueSpatula, but this time with only the single turfer, LanndenFox, another newbie to turfing.

It was ChoccyMuffin who noticed this first with an alert popping up on her mobile. I was just about to get undressed for bed but had to get out there and grab one before they disappeared. I was watching Saving Lives At Sea and it felt like a “shout”. There I am, rushing about, grabbing my bike helmet and wet weather gear before launching the Surly Ogre and blasting out into the rain and drizzle. Another turfer unique added to the list.

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