Blog 04-12-22

Work on the new porch is progressing well now. The walls have been fully boarded and good solid insulation has been added to walls and ceiling, along with a vaper control layer and a breather membrane, all the framework has been strapped down to stop the wind whipping it away in a storm and best of all both the window and door/screen have been installed. I’m amazed at just how much timber is required for this build. Outside the plastic fascia is complete and being plastic means no more tedious painting. In fact, our next project might be getting the remainder of the house done to match.

Back inside, the timber floor is down and the interior walls are partly strapped and plaster boarded, though some work still to do. The electrician has completed his first fix, that’s installing all the cables. He will probably be back after the internal walls are complete to do the second fix, that’s installing all the light switches, switched socket outlets, and also the new lighting units.

Yesterday, the roofing was here in the morning laying the roof covering, which consists of a single layer of some reinforced rubbery material with welded joints. The sides are finished with powder-coated steel capping’s. All looks very neat and tidy. Managed to scrounge some off-cuts to make mud flaps for the bikes and scooters. They also finished off the tiles on the existing roof. I’ll be holding on to the left-over tiles as they are quite hard to find. Useful as spares should any get damaged.

We are now getting used to having another front door. Taking time getting used to the change in floor levels. We used to have a step outside the front door but that is now level with the floor, so the brain still thinks there’s a step to deal with. Will no doubt take a few days to get used to the new layout. Work should start again on Tuesday with the return of the joiners and hopefully, the brickies will be there this week as well for the external block walls. Other tasks till to complete are: external step, rainwater gutters and downpipes, internal skim coat, external render, gap sealants and not forgetting re-instating the driveway pavers.

Of course, even when all that’s done we still have stuff to do. For example, choosing an internal light, deciding on furniture, internal decorating, choosing the floor finish, where to place the lamp, and so on and so forth, then there’s moving the rear gate and additional fencing. Probably take longer than the entire porch build. More soon.

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