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A dual-purpose trip to Edinburgh today. One, to grab a couple of turfer unique zones near the city centre. Two, to purchase a pair of turfing boots. Yes, you would normally call them walking or hiking boots but as the game of turf as taken over just about every activity for the inhabitants of Planet Gary, they are now referred to as turfing boots, or turfing shoes, for that matter.

Actually, I wanted two pairs of footwear for turfing, a pair of Merrell Men’s Moab 3 Mid Gore-Tex boots and a pair of Merrell Men’s Moab 3 walking shoes. Found both at Cotswold Outdoor in Rose Street but baulked at the prices. For the boots, £150.00 and the shoes, £110.00. Now, I’m all for supporting the local shops but when I can get both online from Amazon for a few pence over £137.00 and no delivery fee, a saving of £123.00, well, that’s just too much of a difference. Better choice of colours and sizes as well.

Actually, I was a bit annoyed in the shop anyway. Firstly, I had a long, long wait while a lady tried on no less than 10 pairs of walking shoes, was ignored by a staff member and was also told that Merrell do not do half sizes, which is rubbish, because they do half sizes. So, Cotswold Outdoor, get your act together and don’t piss off potential customers. In the end I ordered both on Amazon.

Of the two turfer uniques mentioned above, the first was found at zone MiniGarden, held by turfer dannyb91020. The second one was nearby, at zone FaoiDheireadh, and was held by turfer RNS. There was a few more turfer uniques but they were in off-road locations and they would have to wait until my new boots arrive. Mind you, they will probably be gone by then. Such is life. This brings my total turfer uniques to 289.

And also today, I almost gave in to the e-Dark Side. Yes, I almost bought an electric bicycle, a Sonder El Camino. Oh dear, woe is me. Managed to stop myself mainly due to an inability to decide what colour to go for. Even ChoccyMuffin seemed okay with the idea. However, the Force is weak in this one and I still find myself drawn to the e-Dark Side. Back soon.

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