Scottish Turf Open 2024

Yes, it’s going to happen! Following on from the success of last years event, the Scottish Turf Open Weekend 2024 will again take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, running from 31st May to the 2nd June and goes by the codename Sconanza!, which suggests there will be a plethora of delicious scones* available to longingly drool over and perhaps even consume a few.

  • 31-05-24 – Welcome Scot 18:30
  • 01-06-24 – Scottish Bike 11:15
  • 01-06-24 – Scottish Foot 13:30
  • 02-06-24 – Crazy Scot 10:30

There’s also a very useful WhatsApp group dedicated to the Scottish Turf Open Weekend 2024 called Sconanza Chat! for all the latest news, views and turf gossip. Advance information relating to the event has been posted.

Some useful links

*Watch out for Walter’s new Glen Turf whisky and haggis flavoured scones with tartan jam!

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