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Turf Zone – Fisherrow

The rain has stopped. Yes, the rain has stopped. Seems like it’s been raining for 40 days and 40 night but really just the past few days, leaving the ground waterlogged, and mud and puddles, and muddy puddles, all over the place. So, with a bright weather forecast followed later by strong winds gusting from 50 to 60 mph courtesy of Storm Kathleen, decided to venture down to the seaside and grab a few turfer unique zones I’d spotted. Should get back before the wind picks up.

First one was at zone TheJewel, held by turfer Danemark, but not for long. However, managed to get my bearings wrong and over shot the zone and ended up at zone Magdalene, about 400m further to the north. So had to backtrack a way. Not really an issue on the bike. Next across to Portobello for another turfer unique, at zone BottleKilns, held by BigBoomer. The next one was in Musselburgh and that meant cycling along Portobello promenade.

It always seems busy here, especially on a Saturday morning. In fact, it was heaving with folk out walking, strolling, cold water swimming, kick scooting, roller blading and generally getting in my way as best they can. You need to take it easy when cycling here, too many wildling children and crazy mutts rushing about untethered. I do wish folk would be more aware of their surroundings. One family group of rather large, no very large, folk, all six of them had stopped to chat in the middle of a narrow stretch. Had to actually get of my bike and push my way through.

Lost a few zones to turfer pinkgirl. That’s a turf name I always wonder about. Just who is that turfer? One might assume it’s a girl who likes pink. But you never can tell these days and have to be careful what you say, what with that new hate crime law they launched on April Fool’s Day. Pinkgirl might well be – you may not want to imagine this picture – a Lycra-clad bearded beer-swilling heavy metal 250lb biker/turfer for all I know. Though I hope not. Hope to meet pinkgirl one day. Final turfer unique was at zone LewisWhale, held by turfer Siodach. After that is was back home following the River Esk upstream, still running high after the heavy rains.

I love people watching while turfing on the bike, the Surly Ogre today. So, here’s some of today’s sightings. Group of five Lycra-clad male cyclists ignoring a Stop sign in Musselburgh and missed becoming roadkill by mere seconds. Another cyclist, all dressed in black on a black bike, wearing a black helmet but with a tiny red flashing LED on helmet and another on seat post, presumably to increase his visibility. Duh! Plonker!

Then there’s the best one of all. Imagine if you will. Smart attractive lady is running along the promenade, looking very cool and trendy. A young lad tries to attracted her attention. She gives him the finger and tells him to piss off (her actual words). He shrugs, picks up what looks like a set of car keys that she dropped and walks away. Wonder how that all turned out?

Finally, how not to motivate yourself to keep turfing. I was looking at Warded and came across a few stats.

  • My total points, 9,400,700. Highest total points, 75,072,900 by Kiraly.
  • My total distance, 20,000 km. Highest is morm, 1,000,000 km.
  • My highest round points, 538,500. Highest ever is Fearglas at 2,725.971.
  • My zone takes, 33,650. Highest zone takes, 349,444 by Kiraly.
  • My unique zones taken, 2230. Highest every is FeTaTo at 32,167.

Back soon.

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