Blog 15-11-22

Well, construction work on our wee porch seems to have ceased for the moment. The builders left on Friday suggesting the brickies would be here at the weekend, or Monday at the latest, but no sign of them. I suspect they may not start until the 21st, the original starting date. Until then we have a nice big hole in the driveway to admire.

However, some progress has been made. We at least have the concrete strip foundations though I do not recall seeing any A393 reinforcing mesh in the trench before the concrete was poured. Nor did I see them tying the new foundations to the existing foundations as per the specification details on the approved drawings. However, I wasn’t there all the time so will have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Guess I’m just a suspicious ex-quantity surveyor.

The rainwater drainage is in place though not quite as per the drawing but does follow a more sensible route with less disruption to the driveway pavers. One issue I have is how shallow the drainage pipes have been laid. Okay, its foot traffic only and the run alongside the house is probably fine but the run across the driveway will not have much cover. I think I’ll need to raise this with the main contractor. More to follow, whenever.

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