Turf Blog 15-11-22

Turf zone – Eskbank

Yesterday saw me finally completing my Midlothian A2Z turf challenge taking the final Z zone in Loanhead, a zone called ZoneMayBurn. Not the most exciting of zones as zones go but there you go. It was the only zone beginning with the letter Z in Midlothian. I started the challenge in Turf Blog 24-10-22, taking zones with letters starting from A to N, and in Turf Blog 31-10-22, completed taking zones N to Y. My original thoughts of completing everything from A to Z in a single session was a hope too far and a guide target time limit of 260 minutes was also rather ambitious.

For the final Z zone in Loanhead, the No 140 bus was my mode of transport not only for the zone but also for another mission I had to tackle, purchasing clothing for some up-and-coming weddings. Now, I detest weddings, or to be more accurate, dancing at weddings, all the rest of the shenanigans are not too bad but dancing is the pits.

As far a clothing goes, I have a suit, you know the type, the one you wear for funerals and interviews, which is out of date, does not fit very well and I feel uncomfortable wearing the blooming thing. I wanted something different, and also something I could wear on other occasions. After many an hour on the Internet, I spied a jacket called a Harrington, a short smart jacket. Then I spotted a black leather one on Next* and thought it looked rather smart. Unfortunately, Next did not have any on display but I tried a similar jacket and it felt fine, so ordered one later online. Mission accomplished.

With the Midlothian A2Z turf challenge finally completed I wonder if it could be done in a single turfing session and within the 260-minute time limit. I suspect, yes, it could. Having visited all the zones and now familiar with the route, I may just give it another try. Back soon.

*It was returned as the sleeves were too long.

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