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Sixty-one years ago, way back in 1961, on this very day, was the day I was born, dragged screaming, kicking and naked into this world. Yes, 61-years old today, or 61-years young, whatever is your preference. At every birthing day, I make some resolutions, like the ones you make and break every New Year. I always start with a few easy resolutions like, don’t take up smoking (I’ve never even tried a cigarette), don’t start drinking alcohol (cannot recall when I last did that) and don’t take drugs (other than chocolate and coffee, and the medical ones that keep me alive). This year I’m going to add a new resolution to my list and that is, Go On Turfing. G.O.T*, get it? Good one, eh?

Didn’t do much on my birthday. Opened a few cards, got a really nice cycling themed mug and had a relaxing day. Cathryn brought me my breakfast in bed, full Scottish it was. Sorry, I think that was actually a dream. Out turfing of course, had a nice cycle around Rosewell in the morning and a kick scoot around Dalkeith in the evening during Strictly Time. Oh yes, was also out on the kick scooter at silly o’clock the night before. That was very, very quiet, other than tawny owls calling around the golf course.

A few observations from these sessions. I mentioned previously that I’ve been using a daytime running light (DRL), on both bike and kick scooter, and have been paying particular attention to see if it makes any difference. And I must say it does, particularly with dog walkers. They seem to gather in their wayward mutts while I’m much further away than without using the DRL. Of course, this only works when approaching people head-on. Just need to find a way of alerting those I’m approaching from behind who are deaf to the world while wearing headphones. Perhaps a compressed air-powered truck horn would do the trick?

Another item of interest I like to keep an eye on is the number of active turfers. We are a week into a new round and active turfer numbers globally has fallen from 8724 in Round #148 down to 5245 in Round #149. That’s a huge decrease of almost 3500. Similarly in Scotland, during Round #148 we had 368 active turfers on the go but now in Round #149 the number has reduced to 269, down almost 100 turfers. Admittedly, this might not be significant at this stage in the round but does seem to indicate an overall decline, which is a shame and perhaps we might all get our thinking caps on and find ways and means of recruiting new turfers, or retaining the ones that do start playing this amazing Game Of Turf. G.O.T. again.

Now, with Christmas fast approaching, I am reminded of a most excellent adventure many of us enjoyed last year. I am, of course, referring to Turf Kalender 2021. A challenge of 24 different turfing task in the format of an advent calendar. I am very pleased to see that two such events have been announced this year. Both Turf Skåne and Örebro Turfers are running turf advent calendars. Örebro Turfers is open to all and no need to register. You will need to register for Turf Skåne advent calendar and I will need to check if it’s open to all turfers. More details to follow when available.

*Game Of Thrones for those who might have been locked in the cupboard under the stairs, or asleep, these past 10 years.

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