Blog 22-12-22

With work stopping for more than a week due to freezing temperatures, the mild weather this week saw work starting again and making excellent progress. The builders arrived unannounced on Tuesday and completed the external blockwork and entrance step over the next two days. Today, the joiner arrived and finished the internal joinery along with the as much guttering and rainwater down pipes as practical, leaving only one downpipe outstanding until the roughcaster is finished.

We were not actually expecting the roughcaster today, he wasn’t scheduled until after the holidays in January, but he arrived and completed his first coat, along with all the usual beads, etc. Did have to mention to keep the bell cast bead in line with the existing building but otherwise all okay. Tomorrow should see some movement with the electrical work, at least the internal power and lighting. Not sure if the outside downlighters will be finished.

Back to the builders. Overall, they did a good job but do tend to be messy. The main issue being cutting blockwork with the power saw in the driveway, all the resulting dust spreading all over the neighbour’s garden. Why could they not go out into the street and do it there? Something I need to mention to the project manager when I see him. The builders also re-laid the driveway pavers but seem to have forgot what I asked for and laid the pavers in herringbone pattern right up to the wall. I actually wanted a single edge course all round with gravel up to the porch. But not really a problem and I cannot complain as it wasn’t part of the original contract. I can easily sort that myself when everything is finished. More soon.

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