Silly O’Clock

Silly o’clock refers to the wee small hours of the morning, say between 2.00 and 5.00 am, when most of the population of Scotland is still sleep in bed. Myself, on the other hand, think that the wee small hours are for kick scooting. The streets are deserted other than a few delivery drivers and black cabs, the occasional courting couple and countless pussy cats out hunting small furry creatures. Yes, just about perfect.

As an early riser I see no point in lying on bed just waiting for the “correct” time to get up. I feel that such times should be put to good use, uses such as going for an early walk in the woods, a cross-country bike ride or getting out on the kick scooter. So, 3.15 am saw me out in the garden shed readying the Swifty Zero. Not that it needs much readying as I like to keep my Swifty ready to go, just for times like this. It actually took me longer to decide which leggings to wear from the 20 or more in the drawer marked scooter clothing!

I never plan a route completely when scooting local trails, footpaths and ways around the house, preferring to simply go where I feel at the time. Often wondering “where does that go?” and then scooting along to find out. It can be quite amazing just how many hidden footpaths and secret trails you can come across.

It was quite cool this morning, some would say actually cold, but 7 Degrees C., is not too bad and the wind was light. I started off wearing both long and short sleeved t-shirts with a windproof jacket on top but soon found myself too warm, so off with one t-shirt which was stowed in my new Altura Arran pannier mounted on a Rixen and Kaul Vario Rack. So handy and much better than a rucksack or bumbag.

My route was generally uphill and northwards, following streets, pavements and back alleys until I reach the high point of the town where I was able to get a good freewheel back down towards the house. Quite a few tawny owls calling for some small patches of recently created woodland as well as some larger animals in the undergrowth, probably deer, badger, fox or possibly something entirely different. It was too dark to see.

An hour and a half after leaving the house saw me back home again and after a quick shower it was time for breakfast and a chance to write a few words on the blog.

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