Spring Scooting

With warmer temperatures, fresher air and sunny skies, Spring is a great time to dust off your trusty Swifty and head for the streets, or the hills for that matter, if you are so inclined. Of course, as a dedicated all-season kick scooter rider you will have been active throughout the cold dark Winter months. Won’t you?

Anyway, first thing to look at with Spring scooting is clothing. It can be easy to assume when you’re sitting in the shelter of the back garden that its a lovely warm day out there but from experience I’ve found that while back gardens can be scorchio, out in the wind it can be decidedly chilly. So, my advice is the wear plenty of thin layers which can be added or removed as required. You will also need somewhere to carry them as well.

Next item on the agenda is the scooter itself. If it’s been sitting idle over the winter months you should really spend a few minutes giving it the once over. Tyre pressures are an obvious one to check, as are brakes and while you have the tool box out check each and every bolt is safe and secure and the steering bearings are not too tight or not too slack. If you have a handlebar bag, check inside and evict any mice that may have taken up residence. Might also be a good time to check tyres for wear and damage and replace them if required.

Now, where to scoot? And the answer, just about anywhere. Having said that, however, with this April being exceptionally dry many, if not most, of my local off-road trails are bone dry and perfect for the Swifty Air. There’s a patch of local woodland which is just about in full bloom with garlic and bluebells. Hope to get there in the next few days.

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