The Golf Course

One of the great things about a kick scooter is the ability to ride just about anywhere, along footpaths, along cycleways, on roads and streets, even off-road and I was wondering one evening, while out for a local scoot around the housing estate where I live, just where else I could ride my trusty Swifty Zero.

My route this evening brought me out beside one of the local golf courses, Broomieknowe. Now, being early November and 7.00 o’clock in the evening, it was quite dark and the chances of encountering a nocturnal golfer was remote, to say the least. So, I thought, would a kick scooter cope with the fairway on the golf course?

With an overcast sky reflecting the street lighting, there was enough light to scoot without lights, so I switched them off and waited a while for my eyes to become accustomed to the darkness. Scooting without lights would be less likely to attract any unwanted attention.

I started off in the rough along the side of the main fairway but it was hard going, not impossible, but tough on the legs. The shorter grass on the fairway was much more manageable and I found I could scoot with reasonable ease. Uphill slopes were very difficult, but downhill parts were a breeze and most enjoyable. I must admit if felt really cool to be scooting across a golf course at night, without lights, and no-one any the wiser.

Other parts of the course were also good for scootering, particularly the tracks used by the groundsmen and their vehicles which were smooth and fast. I made a point of avoiding the greens as scooting on them was just not right. Mind you I’m not sure if you can legally ride a kick scooter on a golf course anyway.

There are a few hazards to watch for, sand bunkers being one but those are easy to spot, fallen branches are less so, drainage ditches need care and assorted golf course paraphernalia can be found all over the place but all easy to avoid, even in the dark, as they tend to be white or brightly coloured.  I only spent about 30 minutes or so scooting around the golf course but this experiment looks to have been successful and I’m certainly going to return again to this course, as well as a few of the others all within easy scooting distance of the house.

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