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After a few months of turfing your local patch it can become rather tedious taking the same old zones time after time. So, what I do is try to make my turfing sessions an adventure, even a mini adventure, or at least give me something to blog about on Planet Gary. Okay, we are not talking about taking zones such as this one, or this one, or even this one, just something to make your turfing session that little bit special, making it more than simply taking zones. Here’s some ideas.

  1. Go and take some zones on the night of a full moon.
  2. Challenge yourself to achieve the three Ninja medals.
  3. Find a spooky place and get the Ghost Minute medal.
  4. Try alphabet turfing. First zone begins with A, then B, etc.
  5. Set your sights on gaining the next rank in this round.
  6. Seek out the highest zone in your area and take it.
  7. Wait for the next blizzard and go turfing in the snow.
  8. When turfing your local patch, turf from memory alone.
  9. Pick an city you have never been to before and go turfing.
  10. See how many zones you can take in 60 minutes.
  11. Include an overnight bivvy in your turfing session.
  12. Set your sets of getting the Eager Ferret medal.
  13. Having trouble sleeping? Go for the Insomnia medal.
  14. Set yourself the goal of taking 10 train station zones.
  15. Take all the zones in your local region e.g. Midlothian.
  16. Wrap up well and go turfing during the next storm.
  17. Take 10 holy zones and achieve enlightenment.
  18. Start turfing at sunset and don’t finish until dawn.
  19. Seek out the zones that rarely get taken.
  20. Aim to better your highest round points total.
  21. Go turfing before dawn and watch the sunrise.
  22. Your turfing adventure here!

Many thanks to all helpful turfers for sending in their submissions. If you can think of any additional turfing adventures, please use the Contact form above to send them in and I’ll include them here.

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