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Turf zone – KirkCockpen

When I came up with the idea of the Ghost Minute and Grail unofficial medals series, I created them so that it would be possible to combine the two medals at the same time. So, if you are at a zone with the Holy attribute and you undertake a Ghost Minute, namely taking the zone between 12.00 pm and 12.01 pm, you are also completing the Grail medals at the same time. Of course, the downside to this is having to be there around midnight. You can always do the Grail medals at any time, if you prefer staying in your warm, snug, bed.

The medals are as follows:

  • Ghost Hunter – complete a Ghost Minute at 5 different holy zones.
  • Ghost Buster – complete a Ghost Minute at 10 different holy zones.
  • Ghost Chaser – complete a Ghost Minute at 20 different holy zones.
  • Grail Knight – take 5 different zones with the Holy Zone attribute.
  • Grail Lord – take 10 different zones with the Holy Zone attribute.
  • Holy Grail – take 20 different zones with the Holy Zone attribute.

While I’ve taken a number of Holy zones, I’ve only completed a single Ghost Minute, a medal you can only be awarded the once, which is a shame, as it’s one of the most exciting medals you can do. I did think about including that take as the first zone for this challenge but I’ve decided that it would be more fun to start from scratch.

My first task was to draw up a list of suitable zones using https://turf.urbangeeks.org/ where you can filter the zones and display all the zones with the holy attribute. I’ve started off with zones close to home in Bonnyrigg, then ventured further afield, selecting holy zones where I can add some adventure to the challenge. For example, choosing zones HolyOrmiston and HolyPencait means I can use the cycle path to reach them. Similarly, with zones DirletonKirk and Gosford, I can include a night-turf at the coast. Might as well include some added fun.

  1. KirkCockpen, Bonnyrigg.
  2. BlowLoun, Newtongrange.
  3. HolyDalkeith, Dalkeith.
  4. HolyStMatthew, Rosewell.
  5. HolyGoreKirk, Gorebridge.
  6. CalvaryChapel, Danderhall.
  7. RosslynChapel, Roslin.
  8. RoslinKirk, Roslin.
  9. HolyMungo, Penicuik.
  10. HolyGlencorse, Penicuik.
  11. HolyInveresk, Musselburgh.
  12. LadyLoretto, Musselburgh.
  13. HolyOrmiston, Ormiston.
  14. HolyPencait, Pencaitland.
  15. StPhilips, Portobello, Edinburgh.
  16. HolyArchitect, Prestonpans.
  17. HolyPreston, Prestonpans.
  18. Aberlady, Aberlady.
  19. Wemyss, Gosford.
  20. DirletonKirk, Dirleton.

The above list is a good starting point, is in no particular order and will likely change. Feel free to have a go yourself. Please note these do not form part of Turf and will not appear in the Turf app. Just need to get started. Bye for now.

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