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Sunday 2nd January 2022
After the excitement of New Year, both Cathryn and myself felt in need of some exercise and fresh air, so opted for a trip to East Linton for some turfing. Our plan was to walk up to Hailes Castle, have a picnic lunch, return along the River Tyne path back to East Linton and grab a few zones in the village. We walked out along the minor road on the south side of the River Tyne, trudging head-down into a chilly westerly wind. Ticked off a few uniques along the road but Hailes Castle was closed due to stonework maintenance, or something or other. I was all for jumping the wall and taking the zones but Cathryn thought we better not. It will always be there for another day.

We had hoped to picnic at the castle but found an alternative spot along the river. Not only was it sheltered from the biting wind but was even bathed in warm sunshine. It was difficult to leave and get going again. The walk back along the river offered up a few more zones and a stroll around East Linton added a few more. We then decided to head for Smeaton Garden Centre in our quest for the elusive Scone of Scones, but changed our mind and drove to North Berwick, aiming for the Drift Cliff Edge Cafe at Canty Bay. The coast road was very busy which should have been a hint. And, on arrival the place was packed, cars were queuing to get both in and out, fights were breaking out over scones and an elderly woman was hitting a youth with her walking stick, so it was back to Smeaton Garden Centre, which turned out to be closed. Oh well, it was a nice day for lazy drive in the countryside.

Later that evening, with Cathryn hogging the goggle-box, I hopped on the Surly Ogre and grabbed 40 zones around Bonnyrigg. Felt much better having a good few zones to my names rather than the handful I’d taken, and soon lost again, from East Linton. It’s just not the same when you are turfing with another person. On the topic of bicycles, the Surly Ogre is running exceedingly well and I’m wondering if there would be any benefit to purchasing a new, lighter, bicycle, even an electric one. Probably not worth the expense.

Monday 3rd January 2022
The weather forecast today was for heavy rain and that’s exactly what we got. However, not to let a spot of the wet stuff deter our turfing, we drove to Rosewell and parked at the entrance to Whitehill House. An easy, if rather soggy walk, gave us all the zones in the area and Cathryn opted to walk back to Bonnyrigg for even more zones along the cycle way. The turf bug has already bitten her badly! We stopped our turfing for a picnic lunch at the outdoor classroom beside the Shiel Burn. It’s located upstream from zone ShielBurnOne, along the dirt path, so is easy to find and makes a good sheltered stop for a turf-break. Back again soon.

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