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Yes, another day of household chores first, turf second. The paint on our kitchen walls is supposed to be washable, at least that’s was my understanding of Crown silk emulsion. Now I’m not so sure. Check out the stains on the wall beside the used teabag and coffee grounds collecting bowl (for composting). It would take hard scrubbing with acid to shift these. Check out the stains where the slow cooker went blurpity-blurp when the lid was removed. Most likely a scouring pad job. And what about the suspiciously alien-looking brown blobs by the cooker, left when some sausages went nuclear and exploded. Hammer and chisel job here. Washable paint my derrière!

Now, I won’t bore you with every minute of the next five hours of home decorating, just a quick summary before we talk turf. Here goes. Clean out everything from the kitchen. Give counters a quick wash down. Skim over walls with sandpaper to remove any roughs. Wash down walls to remove dust. Break for coffee to allow walls to dry. Apply masking tape where required. Lay out old sheets over flat surfaces. Paint walls with roller. Clean up any overpaint, drips and splashes. Paint edges with brush. Have coffee while waiting for paint to dry. Remove masking tape. Clean up further overpaint, drips and splashes. Fold away protective sheeting. Wipe surfaces down again. Move everything back into kitchen. Clean decorating equipment. Shower. And all this for a kitchen measuring 3.00 x 2.50 meters. Finished and time for lunch.

Bonnyrigg turf today and an easy and relaxing hour on the Surly Ogre bicycle. Originally aimed to take only my Daily-Five but ended up with 17 zones. I must say I’m finding turf totally stress free when you don’t bother about how many points you have. Takes the pressure off considerably. And as yesterday, I’m thinking about turf mini-adventures for the blog rather than how many points I have, or gaining the next rank, or where I am in the turf league. Not interested at the moment. So, far I’ve got the following turf mini-adventures on my list.

The Seven Hills of Edinburgh.
Logistics and mode of transport is the main issue here. Do I walk, cycle or kick scoot the approx. 13-mile circuit? And then there’s the additional 10-mile round trip from the start/finish from home in Bonnyrigg. My current thinking is either cycling direct from home or a combination of public transport and kick scooter. Note, off-road cycling is not permitted in Holyrood Park where zone ArthursSeat is located, so an early start perhaps. Some planning to do.

The Water of Leith Walkway.
The walkway from Balerno to Leith is around 13 miles, or a 26-mile round trip. And again there’s the logistics of getting to and from the start points, as both Balerno to Leith are awkward from here in Bonnyrigg, at least by public transport as I’m trying not to use the car. Thinking the Surly Krampug might be the bike for this one, or the SWifty Air kick scooter. Again some planning to do. A midnight full moon run also sounds like fun.

Night turf-kick scoot around Dalkeith Country Park.
This one is easy enough. I can kick scoot from home (and back) easy enough, just waiting for my membership card to arrive to access the pedestrian gate out-of-hours, which I’m assuming will by post. Their website is not all that clear on the matter. Mind you, I mentioned the other day about clandestine access to the park across the wall near zone NewtonKirk, so might try that route anyway. Adds a bit of excitement to the mini-adventure.

It’s been while since I posted another medal, my previous one was the Daily-180 back in March, but I finally managed my Assist-250 yesterday evening while turfing with ChoccyMuffin during a visit to Tesco for supplies. The next one is the Assist-500. That may be some time. Back soon.

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